Google Developer Students Club RAIT- The most unique club you’ll come across!

What started as a small community building initiative back in August 2020 has amassed such a positive and huge response within the span of just a year, the Google Developer Students Club(GDSC)-RAIT has risen to great heights as a students community and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration in saying that it has not only been popular among students within RAIT campus but also among several tech enthusiasts from different colleges. With the commencement of the new academic year and the new club lead Aditya Iyer, GDSC promises a year full of amazing learning activities. The unique social media handles of GDSC-RAIT have grabbed a massive amount of attention in the last few months.

To extinguish the fire of unfamiliarity among newbies and upcoming tech aspirants, GDSC-RAIT conducted an information session on 20 August 2021 that was streamed live on YouTube. The goal was to lay forth the club’s goals, familiarise members with the leaders, and dispel any concerns or misunderstandings. Continue reading for a quick rundown of the session.

The session kicked off with light humor and banter among the core members, and our beloved lead for the year of 2021, Aditya Iyer was at the center of it, making a point that this year is going to be about having as much fun as possible, breaking the professional norm of being serious all the time. Even his introduction featured his achievements with pop culture references that made everyone laugh. Consequently, each and every brilliant core member introduced themselves and showcased their adept tech stacks and achievements. All of the core members have extensive expertise in solving real-world challenges and working on high-volume projects. They surely ignited sparks of confidence among all the students with their leadership qualities and vowed to help them in building their own technical profiles.

An amusing interactive environment was born as students participated in a fun game live and some humorous comments were spread because everyone loves a good laugh. The team shed some light on the Google Solution Challenge, a highly famed event, their own experiences about it, and also guided on how to grab this glorious opportunity. An overview of the upcoming events and a roadmap were laid out to mentor the students about the campaigns.

GDSC is more of a community than a committee that aims to bring students together and is completely free! Anyone can join the GDSC chapter. With many positive reinforcements introduced, it is open to everybody, regardless of their technical ability. All of its resources and workshops are available for free. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your feet wet in the technical realm from the ground up.

The club works within various domains under constant guidance from the domain Heads. The Domains offered by the club are Web development, Mobile development, Competitive programming, Research, UI/UX, AI/ML, and Entrepreneurship. Each domain has something new and exciting to offer and expand our horizons. With every domain being absolutely beginner-friendly, it takes you on an amazing journey by itself.

Along with core members, domain heads, and facilitators, there will also be Catalysts who will be an integral part of the functioning of the club.

There are various domains for the catalysts to explore — Marketing, Design and video editing, Blogging, Community Engagement, and Technical, along with the flexibility for the catalyst to be a part of more than one domain, contribute, work in teams, and have an enjoyable learning experience. Each domain is led by people who are experts and skilled and are also great advisers in their pursuit.

The club comes up with various activities, fests, sessions, and workshops throughout the year. Students participating in such activities can learn new things and enhance their abilities by improving their technical, interactive, soft, and hard skills. Open source festivals and Hackathons will be organized throughout the year and will be for everyone- be it a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

This year, the lead has taken an initiative to introduce a separate and very important domain, that is Mental Health. GDSC-RAIT also focuses on building a community that promotes self-care and empathy. Along with technology, the aim is to also give significance to mental health.

Experts will discuss and talk about mental health, and everyone can reap maximum benefits from it.

Here’s the link to the information session:

by Mandar Gajbhiye & Gauri Jadhav




Google DSC is an international community of budding developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, getting ready to solve real-world problems.

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Google Developer Student Club, RAIT

Google Developer Student Club, RAIT

Google DSC is an international community of budding developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, getting ready to solve real-world problems.

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